Saturday, August 30, 2008

About Me

This is my own personal Blog on how I stay healthy and lost fat and turned my body into more of a muscular build. Im just here to add my two cents or hopyfully inspire others!!
You can go to my contact page, on my website and email me questions, comments, i will answer them all, and also post them. I have how I eat, what I eat. How I workout, what exercises I do, what days i do them. There are many of tips and products in this site I use that have helped me along the way.

A Little More About Me

Well I'm from Pittsburgh, PA home of the Steelers. I work as a Vault Manager at an Armored Truck company. I have a cat, and dog, love em both! Why I started my transformation and started this site? Because I was tired of being fat, unhealthy and out of shape. In high school I played football, baseball, I was in shape, healthy & confident. I stayed that way until I was 17. I became lazy, fat, unhealthy, anti-social, and I lost all my self-confidence. When i turned 22, I was driving past a gym that had a huge Banner that read 1 year membership $99, I went the next day to the no longer Kings Gym and handed them the money and I decided it was time to make some major changes. I decided that I was not going to continue to live my life feeling miserable and unhappy everytime i put on jeans or a shirt that i just cound't fit into anymore. I began to educate myself, by searching the internet and asking alot of questions at the gym. Well read up on my blog, i will always have new posts and pictures updated for you. Thanks alot for visiting and i hope i can help you!

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